Wednesday, April 15, 2015

China: A Demographer's Dream

This week, we were pleased to host Professor Yu Xie from the University of Michigan as he presented on the China Family Panel Studies.  In addition to rapid population growth, China has also experienced incredible changes in the areas of educational attainment, migration, health and well-being in recent decades.  Dr. Xie sees this as a key time in China's history to document the changes from a mostly agrarian society to one of high urbanization.

Dr. Xie, along with other researchers in the U.S. and at Peking University in China, has undertaken the China Family Panel Studies (CFPS), a nationwide survey of individuals, families and communities.  This longitudinal survey is much more comprehensive than your average census and even includes interviews with children ages 9 and above.  The research gained from this survey will continue to document and shape a contemporary China as it continues to grow and change.  

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