Thursday, December 1, 2016

STEP-FAR Panel: Recent Engagement in International Environmental Policy

STEP students and faculty shared reflections from recent engagements in International Environmental Policy this November, in a STEP-FAR (Feedback and Research) Panel Monday.
UNEP IRP: STEP Graduate Student Kyle Flanegin discussed his recent trip with Prof. Anu Ramaswami to Paris, France, for a meeting of the UN Environment Programme International Resource Panel.

From Left: Aaron Hanson, Peder Garnaas-Halvorsen, Kate Barry
UMN at COP22: STEP Graduate students, Professor Gabe Chan, traveled to Marrakech, Morocco, to engage with international climate policy discussions, or as Prof. Chan put it, "Swimming in the sea of 25,000 global actors in climate policy."

They discussed:
  • Key Developments
  • Reacting to US Election Results
  • Issue Linkages with Climate
  • Finance, Business and Cities
  • Climate Vulnerability
  • Adaptation Finance 

They were joined by Ellen Anderson (Exec. Dir. UMN Energy Transition Lab), who shared insights into the Trump Administration's impact on the Paris Agreement.
From left: Kyle Flanegin, Gabe Chan, Ellen Anderson
Read UMN Perspectives on the COP 22 trip here:

Questions from attendees

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